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Motion Graphics

Round Table Security (2023)

Showcased here is an ad I made as a freelance animator with Stone Watson. I was tasked with creating a video to for a security installation company based in the Daytona Beach area of Florida. This video also served as a practicum to test my abilities. All of the illustrated assets were created by me in Illustrator, and the video took two days to produce. All in all it was an amazing experience and a great way to have made freelance status.

MONROE Intelligent Suspension Anthem Video (2022)

In conjunction with the announcement of Monroe's Intelligent Suspension, the team at Jacobson Rost was tasked with creating an anthem video to promote the new product. My role was to create the title and end graphics, using the assets provided. We experimented with a lot of concepts before the final version was approved, and the end product was met with the client's satisfaction. 


This was a project I worked on when I was interning at a marketing company by the name of Jacobson Rost, during the summer I graduated. The client for the ad, Monroe, is a company that specializes in shocks and struts for automobiles. I was responsible for the all the motion graphics and video editing for the video. 3D assets were not done by me. I believe they were done by a freelance animator contracted by Jacobson Rost. I learned a lot working on this ad, from general rules of thumb for design, to extra techniques to use in After Effects. Speaking of After Effects, that is the program I used to create and edit the video. I hope you enjoy my handiwork. 

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