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"Who's Really the Sick One?" (2022)

This was my submission for the June 2022 11 Second Club Challenge. What made this piece so exciting was the fact I managed to do some 3D Environmental Modeling in Blender. That ability to combine 2D assets in 3D Space is truly magnificent.

TOP 50 - 11 Second Club June 2022 Challenge

Farming for Dummies Compositing Reel (2022)

This is a compilation of the best shots I worked on compositing for a film by Eli Rayas about a year ago. At that point, I had finished Blazer a month earlier than I anticipated and reached out to help him with compositing. I wound up helping him composite half the shots, while also drafting up a compositing guide for the film. Heck, I even did the music for the film too. It was an amazing project to have worked on and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Featured in the 39th annual CCC Animation Program Showcase


This 2D-animated short was my senior thesis film. When I was a lad, a friend and I had the dream to create epic stories. At the time, they were based on us copying what we saw on television or in comics. Years later, when I was looking for an idea on what to make, I happened across some old scripts and thought "If these characters were real, they would be horrifying to be with." So, I ran with the idea and created Blazer. What you're looking at is 18 months of hard work and dedication summed up in a 4-minute 2D action-thriller. It was a slow, heavy uphill battle from day one. 

Featured in the 39th annual CCC Animation Program Showcase

Semi Finalist - "Best Animated Film," "Best Action, Sci-fi, and Horror," "Best Young Director" - Sensei Tokyo Filmfest

Award Winner - "Best Animated Film" - Austin Action Fest and Market

Semi Finalist - "Best Animated Film" - CLIMAX Critics awards

Semi Finalist - "Best Animated Film" - Filmhaus Berlin

Honorable Mention - "Best Animated Film" - AIMAFF

More awards hopefully coming soon...

Stomach City Smackdown (2022)

Stomach City Smackdown was my team's submission in Agora Community's 2022 Ultimate AnimChallenge. I tackled most of the animation for Broccoli-Tron as well as a bulk of the compositing for the final animation. The title sequence was completely last minute too! The themes were "Food, Fight, and Teleportation." and given this, my team and I knew that the only sane option was a giant pacific rim styled battle. 


Honorable Mention - Trio Submission Category 2022 Ultimate Anim Challenge

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze (2021)

Brain Freeze was a project completed in 24 Hours with 4 other people to participate in representing the Columbia College Chicago in the 19th annual 24 Hour Animation Contest. I was tasked with concept art, animation cleanup, and post production compositing on 5 of the shots.



Awards: Best Behind the Scenes - 24 Hour Animation Contest

Alcoholic Antics


Alcoholic Antics was an animation I completed in 5 weeks for my Digital Animation Techniques: Current 2D Trends class. It follows the story of Chris, an alcoholic dead set on winning back the heart of his old flame, Cathy. This film was made using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. It premiered at the 2019 Columbia College Chicago Winter Animation Showcase. Please enjoy!

Drawing for Animation II Final (2020)

This piece was my Drawing for Animation II final project. This project uses Toon Boom Harmony and took 5 weeks to create. The audio is sourced from William Shatner's "Rocket Man" performance at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards in Chicago. 

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