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Graphic Design

DCJ Logo.png

This is a logo I made for a pet-project of mine called Delta City Justice. I got really into making something that emulated the zeitgeist of mid-90s to turn of the millennium styled imported content. I fell in love with using the texture gradient on the lettering. 

Logo for Stomach City Smackdown, a 30-second short made in 24 hours for the 2022 Ultimate Anim Challege.

I went through six different revisions just to make sure the "Stomach City" part looked just right. Even animated the lightning in After-Effects for the credits. If I had gone any more overboard, I would have needed a life-vest.

Stomach City Logo Revised 6.png
Blazer Logo VER2.png

Logo for Blazer: Proof of Concept, my student thesis.

This is a watermark created for a client who is a 3D Modeling and VFX Artist


Profile picture for a client's Instagram 



Logo made for a client who asked to use a design they drafted in order to be digitized for their brand.


Sample piece made to practice graphic design capabilities

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