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Storyboards, Animatics, and Behind the Scenes

Stomach City Smackdown Animatic (2022)

This is an animatic for my team's submission into the 2022 Ultimate AnimChallenge, a 24 Hour animation contest. Given the narrow time frame, I had an hour to draft the boards in storyboard pro. Our themes were Food, Fight, and Teleportation. From my experience with animating action scenes in Blazer: Proof of Concept, I knew we would need every second dedicated to the animation and compositing. These boards are quick, loose and focus on the general composition.

Stomch City Smackdown

Brain Freeze Behind the Scenes (2021)

What you are watching is the work of 5 Columbia College Chicago students, myself included, and 24 hours of recorded work condensed into a minute. This video showcases the highlights of working on an ambitious project in just 24 hours. Working on a 30 second animated project for 24 hours straight is an experience that teaches teamwork, coordination, and problem solving. I am glad to have been apart of the project.

Insomnimaniacs Behind the Scenes

Crown Rumble (Animatic 2020)

Crown Rumble was the final project done for my storyboarding class during my sophomore year at my time studying at Columbia College Chicago. It was during my production of the final when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, and the world went into lockdown. Working on this project taught me about producing work in a remote environment and and also how to be economic about telling a story script through panels. This animatic was made in Storyboard Pro and the story centers around a young princess who faces the daily struggle of being a monarch.

Crown Rumble

Alcoholic Antics (Animatic 2019)

This is the original storyboard I made for my film Alcoholic Antics, which was screened at the Columbia College Chicago Winter Animation Showcase. This storyboard was made in photoshop, as per the requirement of the project, and it shows bonus content that did not make the cut during the final production of the short.

Alcoholic Antics Animatic

Space Station Showdown 

(Animatic 2018)

This was an animatic I made for my writing and rhetoric class in my freshman year of college in 2018. It was based on an idea I had in high school about a robot and a police woman in space. The project, known as the "Ethos Project" was a task to express my character through both a written paper and our respective mediums of study. This project was done in storyboard pro. The story centers around Melissa and XTC-17, police officers in space who have tracked down a notorious space pirate and prepare for the ultimate confrontation.

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