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Character Design

Screwball Model Sheet (2022)

Model Sheets for the main protagonist in Screwball. I was inspired by the UPA art-style of the 1960s and wanted to make create something in that vein. In my head, I was imagining an angry little boy who I envisioned as "a chip of the shoulder." The Character's concept was very Newtonian from the beginning. He throws a ball out of anger, and the ball comes back to him with equal or greater force. All in all, a very angry child with a war against the world.

Pond Friends Character Model Sheets (2022)

These are model sheets for the Pond Friends short film. The project originally started out as a comic strip I started during lockdown in 2020. When school picked back up, I had to put work on the comic strip down. two years, and a college diploma later, I decided to explore the concept again, opting to use my skillset in animation to produce an animated short film. The concept stems outside the type of action work I tend to gravitate towards, opting for a modern storybook/fable approach. I welcome the diversity of storytelling style and I do hope that you enjoy these concepts.


Broccoli-Tron Model Sheet (2022)

This is a model sheet I drafted for Broccoli-Tron, the giant vegetable robot that featured in Stomach City Smackdown, my team's submission into the 2022 Ultimate AnimChallenge. The three themes the contestants were given to animate were "Fight", "Teleportation", and "Food." From the moment I heard all three of those words, I knew that the characters were going to be food. Since it was a 24-hour contest, I drafted the character in about an hour before moving onto the storyboards. Fight scenes are one of the hardest things to pull off in animation and the faster this character could be drawn, the better.

BLAZER Dan Model Sheet Color.png
BLAZER Ray Model Sheet Color.png
BLAZER Blazer Model Sheet Color.png

Blazer: Proof of Concept Model Sheets (2021)

Showcased here are some character turnarounds for my upcoming short film, "Blazer: Proof of Concept" As per my other character designs, I used photoshop to draft them. Listed are Dan, Ray, and their character, Blazer. The film is set to debut in May 2022. Until then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the designs.


Janie and Hector (2021)

These are Janie and Hector, two characters I drew for my cartooning class. They're tax collectors from the future year of 2005 and they've had to adopt very persuasive methods in order to remind people to pay their taxes. All in all it gave me a lot of joy conceptualizing these characters and thinking "Alright, what kind of over-the-top scenarios can I put these two in?" If there were three main references I would have to credit as inspiration for the design, they would go to Megaman X, Metal Slug, and Howard Chaykin's American Flagg. 

Penguin Model Sheet.png

Brain Freeze Baby Penguin Model Sheet (2021)

This is a model sheet of the Baby Penguin that was featured my team's work on "Brain Freeze" I had roughly an hour to draw him before we went onto the final animation and so I focused on the views where he would be seen the most. One of the biggest pieces of feedback I got on the model when I was drawing was that he looked like an owl, so I did everything in my power to make him as penguin-y as possible.


Self Portrait Comic Design (2021)

This was a self portrait I made for my cartooning class in 2021. I was tasked with depicting myself in a stylized form for some comics I would make in future assignments. As you may have noticed, my depeiction of myself does not have a head. That is because I figured since I'm a tall guy in real life standing at 6'8", the panels probably wouldn't be able to show my whole figure in frame. To convey the emotions however, I decided to draw a face on the shirt that would change depending on mood. I call it "body language".


Princess Sheila and Sir Racha (Crown Rumble, 2020)

These are character model, and action/expression sheets I made for Princess Sheila and her loyal aide, Sir Racha. When I was making crown rumble, I wanted to experiment with a different drawing style with what I was normally accustomed to in the past. So I set out to make characters that reflected something that you'd see in a show aimed towards younger audiences. I based the atmosphere of these characters off of animated shows like Cartoon Network's Chowder and Nickelodeon's Fairly Odd Parents. I also set out to employ exaggerated expressions and visual humor into the look and feel. All and all, I believe I was successful in creating these characters given my artistic capabilities at the time as well as the time frame I had to create the final product.

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